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Hicks Smart Jose


This little mare is bred for cutting on both the top and bottom! We raised our first colt out of her in 2014 and he sold to California! She is put together very well, and throws some good looking babies, that are always the first to sell. We kept a 2016 colt out of her to use for breeding in the upcoming years! She is pictured above with her 2014 colt. This mare throws lookers with a baby doll face, and a big hip and shoulder!


                                                                                                                Doc Olena

                                                                           Smart Little Lena

                                                                                                                Smart Peppy

                                               Attaway Jose

                                                                                                                Colonel Freckles

                                                                          Sugar Star Colonel

                                                                                                                 Lee Sugar Star


                                                                          Piqueno Perfection

                                                                                                                 Legacy's Doll

                                              MJG Piqueno Hickory

                                                                                                                 Docs Hickory

                                                                           Docs Hickory Annie

                                                                                                                 Champ's Mardi

Easy Sonny Cash


We raised this mare from a colt and have put about 20 rides on her and she is super nice, very soft and learns quick. She is out of our mare Zippididodah DD whom we lost in 2013. This mare is bred speed on the top and cow on the bottom. He dam was a Kansas Derby Finalist with a SI of 86. He sire is a 2008 World Champion Steer Stopper. Her colts should do just about anything that you want them to do and have a lot of speed.


                                                                                               Tru Bruiser

                                                              A Tru Rolex

                                                                                               Fridays Ebonynlace

                A Tru Sonny Dee

                                                                                              The One and Only

                                                             Butter Cream Princess

                                                                                               Rio Darcy

                                                                                               First Down Dash

                                                             A Cash Request

                                                                                               Hempes Folly

                Zippididodah DD

                     SI 86

                                                                                               Boca Rio

                                                              Fast N Fatal




This is a super nice filly, she is built for speed, and bred well. Goes back to Leo, Watch Joe Jack, Mardelle Dixon, Windchester.  This filly is currently in training and will go on to be used in the barrel pen! I plan to get some colts out of her in the upcoming years!



                                                     CHESTERS SUPREME

                                                                                                     KIDNAP AMBER



                                                      LADY JET PICASSO

                                                                                                     JET MORIAH ROSITA

                                                                                                     CHIEF BAR DANCER

                                                      CHIEF MAKOPEL

                                                                                                     MISS MARY WATCH


                                                                                                     DONALD DIXON

                                                      GINGERBREAD DIXON

                                                                                                     MISS LEO SUNDACE

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